Telegram批量拉人:Shahrir paid RM549,090 for rehabilitation work on Larkin project, says witness

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Shahrir Abdul Samad is facing a money laundering charge in the Kuala Lumpur High Court. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 10, 2022.

A BUSINESSMAN told the Kuala Lumpur High Court today that he received a payment of RM549,090 from Shahrir Abdul Samad to carry out the rehabilitation work on the Puri Langkasuka project in Larkin, which had been abandoned for eight years.

Syed Mohsin Syed Sagaf, 65, said the former Felda chairman paid the money after his son’s company, YM Auto Wheels Enterprise, issued three invoices for RM206,100, RM256,950 and RM86,040.

“I personally submitted the invoices dated March 22, 2014 to Tan Sri Shahrir regarding the repair work for blocks C, D and E of the project. I have instructed the employee of my son’s company named Zul to issue those invoices,” said the 10th prosecution witness.

He said this in his witness statement at the trial of the former Johor Baru MP, who was charged with failing to declare RM1 million he received from Najib Razak to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

According to the witness, he used his son’s company to issue the invoices because he did not have his own company.

Syed Mohsin said in October 2013, Shahrir had asked him to find a contractor for the project, which is now known as Sri Anugerah, because the politician knew that he had many friends who worked as contractors.




“Since we know each other very well, I agreed to help him (Shahrir). Tan Sri Shahrir and I visited the project site and we discussed on the payment for the rehabilitation work and when it can begin,” said Syed Mohsin, who has known Shahrir for more than 30 years.

Syed Mohsin said he had started the rehabilitation work, including repairing the damaged doors, flooring and wiring, in October 2013 using his own money.

When he had run out of financial capital, the witness met Shahrir at his office and asked for payment.

Asked by deputy public prosecutor Mohd ‘Afif Ali, if Shahrir had told him about the source of the money, Syed Mohsin said: “No.”

Questioned by Shahrir’s counsel, Syed Faisal Al-Edros Syed Abdullah Al-Edros, on whether Shahrir was someone who can be trusted because he used his own money to pay for the project, Syed Mohsin said: “Yes, I can trust Tan Sri Shahrir because he is the best people’s representative.”

Earlier, the former owner of YM Auto Wheels Enterprise, Syed Yussof, 30, who is the son of Syed Mohsin told the court that the three invoices were signed by his father.

Asked by deputy public prosecutor Rasyidah Murni Azmi if he knew that his father had used the company’s name for the project, Syed Yussof said he knew it, but did not receive any commission from his father.