Usdt第三方支付:Court allows Rumah Bonda to be reopened


THE premises occupied by the Kuala Lumpur Rumah Bonda Welfare Organisation (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Bonda Kuala Lumpur), or Rumah Bonda, is allowed to reopen, but not as a care centre.

Magistrate Nur Syafiqah Noorinda today allowed an application by Rumah Bonda founder, Siti Bainun Ahd Razali, to remove the seal on the premises.

The Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Social Welfare Department (JKM WPKL) sealed the premises near Setapak after Siti Bainun was charged in an alleged child abuse case involving a 13-year-old down syndrome girl.

Lawyer Asiah Abd Jalil, representing Siti Bainun, said the Social Welfare Department did not object to her client’s application to remove the seal. 

“Rumah Bonda was issued a RM5,000 compound, which was paid on April 25,” she said.




At today’s proceedings, federal counsel Fatin Shafira Ab Patah appeared on behalf of the director of JKM WPKL.

On June 7, Rumah Bonda filed an application to remove the seal order obtained by JKM WPKL on its premises for it to use the premises for other purposes other than as a care centre.

Based on a supporting affidavit filed with the suit, Siti Bainun said she had received a notice to seal the premises from JKM WPKL, which said that Rumah Bonda in Taman Setapak would be closed in accordance with section 16 (1) of the Care Centres Act 1993.

Siti Bainun claimed that the action taken on July 12, 2021 on the grounds that Rumah Bonda was not registered under the Care Centres Act 1993 was unfair, not in accordance with the principles of administration and law as JKM WPKL was aware that Rumah Bonda was in the process of being registered.

On April 20, Rumah Bonda received an offer of compound notice, amounting to RM5,000 from JKM WPKL.

Siti Bainun said she was disappointed when informed by JKM WPKL that Rumah Bonda could only be reopened through a court order, although she had paid the compound on April 25. – Bernama, July 15, 2022.


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