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No pain: (from left) Wong, Kour, Chua and moderator DJ Chrystina during the webinar.

PETALING JAYA: Undergoing robotic-arm assisted bilateral knee replacement surgery after enduring six years of chronic pain is the best decision Datuk Kour Nam Ngum has ever made.

Kour, who had to rest his knees after every 50 metres of walking pre-op, is now back to leading an active lifestyle, filled with exciting travels, golf excursions and much more.

“I no longer hesitate going out, worrying that I’ll fall down or need assistance to walk long distances. And it is all thanks to modern medical technology that has made my life better,” said Kour, who now walks pain-free (like normal) and was discharged from hospital just three days after the knee replacement.

Sharing the same experience is Wong Lian See, who loves taking her grandchildren out for walks in the park, hearing their laughter when she accompanies them at playtime and has also has robotic-arm assisted bilateral hip replacement surgery that eliminated the pain and inconvenience – and that prohibited her from walking and doing the things she enjoys.

“I could walk again without assistance or the walker just a week after the surgery,” said Wong. “Now everything in my life is back to normal and I can carry my grandchildren around. I’m even planning to travel, which I thought was impossible before.”


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Kour and Wong were guest speakers at Star Media Group’s hybrid webinar titled “Take Control of Your Hip or Knee Pain and Get Active Again” last Saturday.

They shared their painful experiences before robotic-arm assisted hip and knee replacement surgery as well as their speedy recovery processes.

“Recovery (from the knee replacement) was easy. Just listen to your own body, do not force the healing process by going for aggressive physiotherapy. All I did was attend slower physiotherapy and gave time and patience for the tissue to heal,” said Kour, while Wong said she practiced walking everyday until she felt completely normal.

The webinar, featuring Sunway Medical Centre consultant orthopaedic, joint and arthroplasty surgeon Dr Chua Hwa Sen, also shed light on common symptoms, causes and treatments for hip or knee pain, including the latest technology in hip and knee replacement surgery – robotic technology.

While the majority of the public, especially the older demographic, has the perception that hip or knee pain is a condition that comes naturally with age, and do not seek medical help to treat their condition, resulting in reduced mobility and subsequently reduced quality of life in the long term, there are surgical treatment options that can put people back on their feet again with minimal to no pain.

Chua said Sunway Medical Centre brought robotic technology into Malaysia last year to enable knee and hip replacements to be performed as robotic-arm assisted surgery, which greatly enhances the accuracy, success and recovery rate of the surgeries.